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Updated 12/01/2015

This is a list of medical articles on Post-Polio Syndrome published from 1990 to 12/1/2015. The list is representative though not necessarily exhaustive. I've compiled the list over a number of years through accesses to Medline via Grateful Med and PubMed.  I was advised that it would be acceptable to repost this information as long as I deleted the article abstracts, which I have done. Abstracts are available for most articles by following the article number links back to PubMed. The intent is simply to provide information on PPS to those who need it.

As far as the list itself is concerned the abbreviations are:

  TI -     Title of article.
  AU -    Author(s) of article.
  RF -     Indicates a Review Article that contains many other References.
  AD -    Address of author(s) or where research was done.
  URLS- Links to online versions of the articles.
  SO -     Journal where published.
  UI or PMID  - The Medline or PubMed number of the article (linked back to PubMed abstract)

 The articles themselves are not on this site. They are available in the specific journals listed in the SO entry line, and should be available in most medical libraries. Full text for some of the articles is available by following the URL links, or via additional links available with the abstract at PubMed. Most of the articles are also available by mail through the Loansome Doc facility. I have no affiliation with any of these entities.

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